My 15 seconds

Following my journey’s trip to Nicaragua I was chosen to speak about the experience in an interview that would appear on Fox 5 Atlanta. I was only featured for a moment but I got screen time! It was an overall fun experience because I was interviewed by Gurvir Dhindsa, an anchor I had grown up watching. the group of students being interviewed walked around the campus with her, and we aided in the set up of the interview location in the McCain Library. Video of the interview can be found by searching: Agnes Scott College Travel Diaries Fox 5 Atlanta.

This helped me gain experience aligning with the Summit Learning Objective though :

  • Communicating effectively through speaking, especially across cultural or linguistic differences
  • Practicing or interpreting creative expression or probing fundamental questions of value and meaning
  • Analyzing human behavior or social relations
  • Identifying, explaining, and analyzing global themes, processes and systems
  • Demonstrating knowledge and skills essential for global engagement
  • Critically examining the relationship between dominant and marginalized cultures, subcultures or groups
  • Identifying and assessing one’s values, interests and abilities

This helped me gain experience aligning through Agnes Scott’s Psychology major learning objectives through:

  • understanding and applying psychological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues
  • respecting and using critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry and when possible,  the scientific approach to solve problems related to behavior and mental processes
  • weighting evidence, tolerating ambiguity, acting ethically, and reflecting other values that are the underpinnings of psychology as a discipline

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