What Is Global?


Global in its broad definition is “relating to the whole world.” An emphasis placed on the ability of two cultures to relate one another in a way that transcends physical boundaries or proximity of the two. In this sense we focus on the exchange between the two as they learn about the other. This interaction creates a healthy dialogue where the exchange of knowledge benefits both. During which they find they are not actually as different from each other as once thought, and bond over their common experiences. An example of this would be the #GrowingUpBlack memes that went around Twitter and Instagram in the summer of 2015. As Twitter is available to anyone who as access to the app or website regardless of location, these memes were viewed by people all over the world. The American based African American community can to realize these things were not singular to their experience, as members of other cultures shared similar stories. The idea was then expanded to include experiences from almost every ethnicity on the planet. While some of the cultures were mocked in their attempt to relate to the movement, they were not excluded from it nor was it taken serious. In this example the global community on Twitter was able to bond and gained knowledge that they were not alone in their experiences. This is the main goal of globalization- to create a sense of commonality.  The awareness of various culture’s converging points is becoming vital to a person’s success and that of our entire species, as the use of technology increases the interaction between the world’s cultures.

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